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Apollon’s Gold Blog

  • New Coffee Review: El Monarca Honduras

    Bursting with delightfully exotic notes of crispness, we’re thrilled to showcase our first ever coffee from Chaguites Area of La Paz region for our first Honduran coffee of this season!
  • New Coffee Review: Legendary Geisha Guatemala

    We're thrilled to have Guatemalan El Injerto back! This season, we purchased Geisha varietal lot from their celebrated “legendary” plot from them. ...
  • New Coffee Review: Las Delicias Java-Nica Anaerobic Natural Nicaragua

    The first Nicaraguan coffee in this season is from the renowned Mierisch family. This Java-Nica (Java variety produced in Nicaragua) lot is incredi...
  • Fellow Stagg X brewer review: why it’s become our most preferred brewer

    Recently, “Fellow Products” has become prominent for their unique, beautiful yet solid products with attention to the details.

    We’d like to introduce their second brewer “Stagg X” for our first official blog post.