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New roast profile of La Casona

New roast profile of La Casona

Have you a fancy for a Geisha? What type of Geisha especially you like?

Speaking of our preference, we are big fans of classic washed Geishas; especially perfumed with elegant jasmine florals. Today we’d like to talk about that type of Geisha in our current lineup as we trust that almost everyone would love that type of coffee!

We actually were so excited and blown away by a coffee at our production cupping session as it’s exactly what we are craving for and it was a Geisha that we already was supposed to know about: new roast profile batch of La Casona Geisha (roasted on 27.Feb.)

Though La Casona has been one of our favorite/best coffees in the line up as it's a gem from our friend Miersch family, this batch is literally bursting with notes of jasmine since the dry aroma to the end of the session(60 mins on timer). La Casona used to be a vibrant yet delicate, complex type of Geisha with very mild and balanced taste, already very tasty but the new batch is literally bursting with super distinct/crazy notes of jasmine with distinct sweetness of peach and hints of lime. 

We reckon that not only it's due to roasting (we pushed development slightly) but seems like Casona greens rested enough finally and this is on its peak condition. 

Now that we are getting the best classic Geisha profile with one of the most distinct notes of jasmine, really perfumed with very intense jasmine notes; we are recommending everyone to try this gem from our friend.



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