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Tamiru Tadesse Tesema 74165 Review and New Profile is coming!

Tamiru Tadesse Tesema 74165 Review and New Profile is coming!

Finally posting about our favorite Ethiopia, Tamiru Tadesse Tesema!

For sure this coffee is one of the best Ethiopia we've roasted as it's from the legendary producer, Tamiru Tadesse Tesema who won the COE 1st place and 5th place at a time and he won the 1st place with this cultivar, “74165”.

We selected this lot, a selection of tiny sized beans, for its density and hardness that would last long especially because it’s carefully vacuum packed. This lot is produced in a highest elevation plot of his farms with the latest harvest timing so that this coffee would last long as well.

Thanks to its density and hardness, this coffee is quite resistant to heat (won’t get burned easily) so that we decided to develop it to maximum for the initial batches.

Very recently (27.Apr), we started offering new profile version of this coffee, which accentuate its perfumed terroir more. 


This incredible Ethiopia oozes sweet aromas through out. To your palate, rush of sweet flavors of mangosteen, violet florals and perfumed notes of melon. Very silky and clean body. It drawdowns quite smooth for its density as it's a full crack roast. Also we would recommend brewing with a tad coarser (Comandante 25-27) grind setting than usual as it's easily over extracted: it's also true that this coffee is home grinder friendly, too.

V60 data

15g dose, 250g pour

TDS: 1.44

Total pour time: 3:10mins

Total brew time: 3:34mins

Degas: 60-90days(60 days post roast getting more peach and 90days post roast getting more melon)


On espresso, this Ethiopia natural delights with very clean yet thick/full mouthfeel, a velvet mouthfeel, with a bold yet perfumed melon candy sweetness garnished with some citrus notes of lemon zest.

15g in/42g out, 30sec shot time, 10sec bloom.


More natural process flavors pronounced. Brewed it with our usual Aeropress recipe yet coarser grind setting (10O'clock on EK43).

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