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Aeropress Brew Guide Ver. Autumn 2022

In this article, we would like to share our simple recipe for Aeropress.

Our intention and target strength

In this Aeropress recipe, we would like to accentuate the vibrancy of acidity and flavors of each origin and want it to be free from bitter vibes; something opposite from pour over recipe(it features body and sweetness). It's also true that AP is forgiving to pour technique, grinding quality and even degassing(with this method). Especially when you feel that your beans are not degassed well, please try this method.

The target TDS is 1.40-1.50 on 16g:235mil ratio.

Why we recommend aeropress

Tired of fixed strength of your coffee? Well, you will definitely love Aeropress since you can try wider range of TDS and EY without losing evenness.

Another benefit is the fact that this is basically an immersion brewer, that is forgiving to grind quality. If you are suffering bitterness/astringency with your pour over, Aeropress will improve those problems as you won't have an entire choking with Aeropress at least.

Slow pressing is the key.

The most important part to achieve an even extraction is the pressing. Please press gently and consistently. If you press too hard, the slurry will leak from the side that will create local over extraction caused by uneven flows. We recommend  you to stop the pressing before it makes hissing sound. Also a metal filter or "Prismo" by Fellow Products reduces the risk of having side leaks in the end of the brew.

Steep Time

We recommend you to start pressing at 1:45mins on your timer(finish at 2:30-2:40 mins on your timer). The ideal steep time depends on your grind setting or your grinder. If your grinder performs best at fine settings, the optimal steep time will be relatively short. 


Ratio: 16:235(1:14.6)

Total Brewing Time: 2:30 minutes

Brew Temperature: 93°C

Grind setting: Comandante 20clicks(or go 1-2 clicks finer than pour over setting, 9-10clicks on Timemore C3, 9 o’clock on EK43

Water hardness: 100pm with Aquacode

Filter brand: Aesir


(1)Get your brew water ready.

(2)Start with a medium fine grind. Set your metal filter onto the cap, then put your paper filter on the metal filter. Set the cap to the Aeropress.


(3)Assemble your Aeropress and rinse the filter by pouring your brew water then purge it. Do NOT press the plunger to purge the water, that will disturb the form of the paper.


(4)Add 90-100grams of water first, then 16g of coffee grounds, then keep mixing the slurry till 25 seconds on your timer by using a cocktail stirrer, from the bottom to top to make sure that all the grounds are saturated evenly. 

(5)Pour the rest of the brew water up to 250g on the scale(grounds weight included), wait until 1:45mins on your timer, then start pressing.

(6)Press down the plunger, stop pressing before it makes hissing sounds, finish with around 2:30-2:40

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