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We are offering 10%discount for all coffee items! Available from 20.JUL-1.AUG JST. *monthly subscription is NOT included.

Apollon's Gold Kitanomaru

Nestled just north of Tokyo’s iconic Edo Palace, our boutique coffee brew bar welcomed its first guests in April 2024. Situated in the heart of this historic neighborhood, we derive inspiration from Kitanomaru, meaning “Northern Fortress’” profound heritage, where craftsmanship, attention to detail, and excellence are deeply revered. Our menu showcases a variety of single-origin flavors, inviting global visitors to savor Tokyo’s storied past while indulging in our curated selections.

How to find us

Apollon's Gold Kitanomaru
Kudankita 1 Chome−14−13 1F
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒102-0073
Open everyday

Filter coffee offerings

Today's coffee - ¥648
A daily rotating batch brew, typically a classic-washed coffee.

Today's iced coffee - ¥732
A rotating coffee brewed with our signature hybrid extraction method.

Pourovers (iced also available) - from ¥1080~
What we do best. Please see below to view our current offerings.

Our current pourover offerings

Espresso offerings

Cafè latte (iced and oat milk options available) - ¥732
Your classic cafè latte.

Espresso tonic (iced only) - ¥830
An espresso pulled over tonic water.

Single origin espresso - ¥1080
Our signature espresso, typically a geisha, with a modern shot recipe.

Geisha espresso tonic (iced only) - ¥1250
Our same single origin espresso recipe, pulled over tonic water.

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