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We would love to showcase some our favorite coffees in our subscription service!

3-4 bags of 100g (300-400grams in total) carefully curated coffees by our Baristas and Roaster: 1-2bags from each category "Light & Floral", "Bright & Fruity", "Bursting & Vibrant", "Unique & Intense" or "Exclusively for Subscription" ;  Don't worry about a month when you receive only 300grams; that means 1-3 coffees from higher price range will be included and it's gonna be a fancy parcel.

Ship on the first Friday of each month.

In the 5th month (June 2023), those 4 coffees below are included. *Order by 31.May

We are recommending at least 45days of degassing for each coffees

To arrange your subscription, please log-in to "my-subscription" page (need to create your general Shopify account at Apollon's Gold Webshop.

Murago Tamiru Tadesse Ethiopia 

Another gem from Tamiru Tadesse is a clean natural process 74158 coffee from his newest plot for competition coffees! As so many subscribers are crazy about the Tamiru 74165 in the very first subscription package, we decided to introduce another lot from him!

Planada Geisha Colombia 

Our very first Tarqui coffee is a delicate yet flowery washed Geisha! We are so thrilled to add this coffee into the June subscription bags!

Azalea Blend 

Our very first creative blend featuring 2 of the best coffees from 2022 harvest. Blended by our head brewer/head taster, this coffee is incredibly harmonized and each coffee in the blend accentuates each other. We can honestly say this blend is one of the very few blends that would tastes better than single origin.

Nuevo Horizonte

Our Peruvian coffee of 2022/2023 season is a delicate yet perfumed, an elegant washed Bourbon lot. We are big fans of Bourbon variety and believe that Peru is one of the best coffee producing region that produces a top notch Bourbon varietal lot. All those exquisite flavors are displayed on its transparent and smooth body.

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