Apollon’s Gold Specialty Coffee

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We would love to showcase some our favorite coffees in our subscription service!

3-4 bags of 100g (300-400grams in total) carefully curated coffees by our Baristas and Roaster: 1-2bags from each category "Light and Floral", "Bright and Fruity", "Smooth and Balanced", "Unique and Intense" or "Exclusively for Subscription" ;  Don't worry about a month when you receive only 300grams; that means 1-3 coffees from higher price range will be included and it's gonna be fancy parcel.

Ship on the first Friday of each month.

In the 2nd month (March 2023), those 4 coffees below are included.

Santa Lucia Geisha "La Casona"(from "Bright and Fruity")

We are thrilled to offer one of the best coffees in our line up for subscribers: a multiple time COE 1st and 2nd place Geisha from our friend, Mierisch family! Complex and elegant flavors are perfectly displayed by its brightness.

Niguse Gemeda Mude Ethiopia(from "Light and Floral")

Our head brewer's favorite coffee and it's from COE2020 champion. 74158 cultivar's character is perfectly interpreted by the terroir of Bensa. Expect white peach and vibrant notes of honeydew.

Caballero Pacamara "Mogola" Honduras(from "Unique and Intense")

Stunning Pacamara from Honduras COE champion in 2015, Mogola Pacamara is a plethora of bright fruit tones. Expect white grapefruit, lime and hibiscus florals. 

La Cumbre Pacamara El Salvador(from "Smooth and Balanced")

Our long term regular coffee in the shelf from El Salvador COE champion in 2018. This Pacamara natural is quite smooth and clean, almost like a washed coffee in a good way. Expect lime, passionfruit and lavender. 


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