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International Coffee Day!

International coffee day is coming! We are offering automatic 10% discount(applied for orders with 4 coffee bags or over) to celebrate the day together(started from 14:00. 30.SEP to 23:59 2.OCT JST).

Free shipping for 1-2.5kg coffee

Diverse Team in Tokyo

In a precinct of central Tokyo, surrounded by inspiring historical sites, we are roasting to bring the flavors of each terroir and season. Our coffee has been loved by so many coffee enthusiasts and featured by the best renowned coffee shops in the world.

Quality Control

Each single batch is roasted by our experienced roaster/owner and gets through rigorous cupping sessions operated by our tasters with multiple experiences in food and beverage industries. Roasting, quality control and green purchase, each section is independent in Apollon's Gold and always working interactively to elaborate the quality of our coffee.



Our roasting is renowned for unique "omni roasting" style thanks to our experience of Italian style espresso roasting in the very beginning of the career. We are mainly aiming to bring each coffee's potential sweetness to achieve omni roast so that each coffee speaks its terroir by the brightness.


Our head brewer/taster

She's been operating extremely strict QC process every week. Talking of her profile, she's originally from a country in the north Europe with several years of experiences in design industry and wine serving. Besides her rigorous roast assessment, she's working on brew guides, recipes, brewing reviews and flavor notes with her keen palate thanks to her experience in wine industry. 


Our taster/mixologist

He's mainly working on green purchase and marketing, also sometimes joining quality control as our 2nd taster. He has been mainly engaged in mixology industry here in Japan with classic cocktails and several years of career as a barista. This multi talented guy is also doing photo shooting and cocktail recipe creation for Apollon's Gold brand.


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