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The origin of Apollon's Gold

For our founder, roasting began as a hobby which soon transformed into a passion for creating high quality coffees, garnering patronage from local businesses whose partnership enabled this small Tokyo based roastery to expand into and innovate the market of contemporary coffee. 

Our name is derived from the Greek god of the sun, whose “gold” we envision as coffee, which can only be produced via the sun’s fortitude. 

Our approach

We’re committed to sourcing terroir driven, peak harvest, classic process coffees, which combined with our roasting style, offer you an exciting, flavorful experience that illuminates the inherent, complex flavors of their origins.

How we roast

We are known for our unique omni-roasting style, which allows for both enjoyable espresso and filter coffee alike.  We aim to roast in a way that enriches each coffee's unique characteristics and individual terroir, no matter how it's brewed.

Our in-house operations

Everything from green bean purchasing, roasting, to quality control is performed in house by our Tokyo based team. We work closely with a network of trusted farmers and distributors in order to ensure that every purchase is backed by a production chain that honors our dedication to 

highlighting the inherent flavors of our coffees.

More about our gear and processes

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