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Anonymous Coffee Team

In the logo, 9 "A" characters create form that looks like the sun, which stands for Apollon. The name of "Apollon's Gold doesn't actually include any specific meanings yet sounds recognizable, that is perfect to represent us as each of us prefer to be an anonymous.

Quality Control

Each single batch is roasted by our experienced head roaster and gets through rigorous cupping sessions operated by our tasters with multiple experiences in food and beverage industries. Roasting, quality control and green purchase, each section is independent in Apollon's Gold and always working interactively to elaborate the quality of our coffee.



Our roasting is renowned for unique "omni roasting" style thanks to our experience of Italian style espresso roasting in the very beginning of the career. We are mainly aiming to bring each coffee's potential sweetness to achieve omni roast so that each coffee speaks its terroir by the brightness.


Our Tasting team

Our tasting staffs have multiple experience in food and beverages industry, including coffee, wine and mixology in several countries.

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