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Free shipping for 1-2.5kg coffee order

Fast and reasonable shipping, dispatch within 5 business days. Free shipping for 1kg to 2.5kg coffee order.

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Our Quality Control

We would love to share how we assess our coffees in our roastery.

Cupping Protocol

We are operating rigorous cupping sessions with stricter methods. We are using 100celsius boiling water to make sure that there are no roasting defects, with 50-60mins of cupping duration. We only sell those coffees that taste good enough to meet our quality standard till 50mins on timer.

The Grinders

We are using EK43S 220-230V model with voltage converter to achieve a global standard grinding. Our EK is carefully calibrated and aligned with "sand paper method" to make sure that it works in its full potential.

The water

We are using "aquacode" mineral ingredients for our QC water with 1bag per 6liters ratio. Calibrated water is the key to offer continuous quality in roasting and green beans assessment.

Espresso Machine

We are using "Eagle One Prima" for its very stable and consistent shot quality. As for water, we prefer to use "Everpure" water softener to make sure that the machine won't get damaged. Usually the water hardness is around 30-40 ppm. The pressure is usually a flat 9bar as it's still a industry standard.

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