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Brewing Review: Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon Natural Slow Dry 2022 harvest

Brewing Review: Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon Natural Slow Dry 2022 harvest

Divina Providencia Bags

COE 2020 Champ

Today we'd like to focus on our long term favorite coffee, a great Orange Bourbon from the 1st place winning farm of COE 2020, Divina Orange Bourbon is our long term favorite coffee and this is our 3rd purchase. Accosting Roberto, their Orange Bourbon has a character of mellow citric acidity. This year's lot is really delicate and clean that represents the character of this cultivar the best.

Divina Providencia, Orange Bourbon natural process(slow dry).This coffee has been our favorite natural process coffee for 3 years since 2020. 

Pour Over on V60

V60 Experience 

Brew by our head brewer 

Grind setting: 23clicks on Comandante C40 Mk3

Ratio: 15g/255g

Total Pour Time: 3:00 mins

Total Brewing Time: 3:15 mins

TDS: 1.40

This V60 was quite clean and smooth coffee with remarkable brightness for a natural process coffee. Expect apricot, orange flowers and black tea vibes throughout. We can also say this coffee is quite elegant due to its delicate yet bright acidity.

Siphon/Vacuum Pot 

Ratio: 15g/205ml 

Grind setting: 9.5 O'clock on EK43s

Total Steep Time: 1:35

After V60 pour over tasting, our head barista had a feeling that we can accentuate its character from the cultivar more with higher temperature. In the cup, we found the smoothness and clean cup in a same level from V60 yet we've got better flavor intensity and each flavor got more pronounced. We would especially recommend this coffee for higher temperature brewing method to feature its delicate yet bright acidity.


Other Data

Tasting notes: orange, tangerine, peach
Coffee type: transparent, silky, exotic, tropical
Producer: Roberto Samuel Ulloa
Area: Santa Ana
Altitude: 1650-1820m.a.s.l
Variety: Orange Bourbon
Process: natural(African Bed)
Roasted for espresso and filter

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 60days. Best from 60days to 80days post roast.

Out Tasting on Cupping 

Delicate and elegant, this is a really clean natural process coffee. Expect orange followed by tangerine and distinct sweetness of peach that last so long.

Former Harvests Information Below

2021 Harvest

Divina Providencia is back! A great Orange Bourbon from the 1st place winning farm of COE 2020 is a truly transparent and clean natural process coffee this year. Unlike the very unique notes from the last year's harvest, this lot delights with very bright fruit notes and acidify lifted by its transparency but the unique exotic flavors are still there. 

Cupping: Delicious ripe papaya followed by notes of amaretto and with underlying strawberry jam sweetness.

2020 Harvest

The very first coffee from Divina was quite unique and impressive. Opening with juicy stewed rhubarb upfront followed by deliciously refreshing Alphonso and notes of rainbow sherbet in the finish. We especially liked this coffee on Espresso as it offered thick mouthfeel and rich sweetness along side the crazy bursting flavors. *They won the 1st place of COE with their Pacamara natural.

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