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Head Brewer's Current Recipe


We are thrilled to showcase our head brewer's recipe with our insights and thoughts. We have served some great coffees with this recipe to our international business partners/producers and they loved the pour-overs so much!

Recipe for 15grams dose

Though we used to recommend 18grams of grounds in our basic recipe, this time we would recommend 15grams to aim for shortened brewing time and finer grind setting to reduce the amount of boulders.


Brewer Model: V60 01 glass

Filter Model: Hario "Tabbed"filter(we prefer this over other filters for pore size)

Ratio: 15:255(grams)

Bloom Time: 30seconds 

Total Brewing Time: 3:30 minutes

Total Pour Time: 3:00 minutes

Brew Temperature: 95°C

Grind setting: 24-27clicks on Comandante Mk3

Water Hardness: 100ppm(1:6 on Aquacode)

Target TDS: 1.40-1.50


Rinse the filter with 200-300g of boiling water and dose 15grams of grounds, then shake it to make the bed flatten. 

(1)1st pour(bloom)

Pour 40g of water for blooming by 10seconds on your timer and give a swirl to the slurry by doing the "Rao Spin" after pouring.

(2)2nd pour

Resume pouring at 30seconds on your timer to hit 150grams on the scale and finish it around 1:45-2min on your timer(most importantly, keep the water level stable as possible). Give it a brief swirl by doing the "Rao Spin"(do it with in 5sec).

Pour Motion

Start with entire pour to make sure that all the grounds saturated then pouring onto the center area in a circular motion following the size of V60 hole(to be exact, it's the size of V60 holders hole. Photo below) as the brewer is cone shaped. *Try your best to keep the water level stable/low

Start with this entire pour

Preferred water level during the circular pour in the center

Following the center circle (outer one) of the V60 holder during the circular pour in the center. 

(3)3rd pour

Resume pouring at 1:50mins(or 5 seconds after the 1st pulse) on your timer to hit 255grams on the scale and finish it around 3mins on your timer. The pour motion is same as the 2nd pour. Give it a swirl by doing the "Rao Spin." Aiming for 3:30mins total brewing time. Most importantly, make sure that drawdown time after final pour is shorter than 30 seconds so that you may achieve consistent flow rate.

Flow rate curve(drainage) achieved by our head brewer. Consistent flow rate throughout indicates that there were no choking and least amount of clogging.


If you are using a tad too freshly roasted coffees (such as 20-30days post roast), we would recommend 10 mins of pre-degassing your coffees in the chamber of your grinder. Just let it degass right after grinding.


(1) Focusing on center pour: as V60 is cone shaped, the bed depth differs from center to outer area. Given that center area is the deepest, pouring onto the center area in a circular motion.

(2)Water level: to avoid bypass from the side, we are aiming to maintain the water level stable/low.

(3)Flow rate after finishing pour is the key: ideally, to avoid channeling, we are aiming for consistent flow rate throughout the brewing. Especially, we believe that the drawdown time after final pour should be less than 30seconds and the flow rate after finishing your pour is the most crucial part.

(4)We choose V60 for cone shape: water concentrates into the single hole so that less risk of having under-extrated/dry grounds.

(5)Follow the stream and kettle height theory: you should avoid having droplets above the surface of the slurry/avoid splutter sounds. Make sure to have the droplets under the surface.

(6)Spin the V60 gently and briefly: make sure not to spin the brewer aggressively to avoid bypass and clogging.

(7)We would recommend 30sec of bloom phase: not a concrete scientific theory but our head brewer noticed that some flavors could go off with long bloom time and so far it's true at least to our palate. We reckon that some aromatic compounds go off drastically when the grounds getting drying/temperature decreases. 

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