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Auromar Geisha Showdown (Firestone BOP, Aurora Geisha and Geisha natural

Auromar Geisha Showdown (Firestone BOP, Aurora Geisha and Geisha natural

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Finally Auromars in Comparison!

Today we finally tried all the Auromar Geishas we've offered in 2022 season on pour over by our head Barista with Comandante C40 Mk3 and Hario V60(official tabbed filter, 01 size, glass model).

Firstly, we can say we sensed similar vibes and characters of the terroir from every cup this time though each of them differs in a good way. 

Auromar Geisha natural roasted on 11.Dec.2022

1st up was the Natural Processed Geisha, every year, it's almost like a washed Geisha with its brightness and clean flavors. In the cup, most surprisingly, we sense intense aromas of lavender and citrus from the nose. This cup was full of fruit and florals with lavender, melon and passionfruit. Perhaps the most vibrant and brightest of all 3offerings

Brewing Data of Geisha natural

23clicks on comandante

TDS 1.35

Pour time 3:05mins

Total Brewing Time: 3:30mins

Auromar Geisha Firestone on 10.Dec.2022

2nd brew was the winner of BOP2022. Firestone Geisha. We can say Firestone Geisha delivers the sweetest cup out of all 3. Firestone Geisha delights with lavender florals and delicious peach flavors following by very distinct yet gentle long lasting sweetness with green pleasant vibes as underlying notes of green tea and melon. Those underlying notes were quite subtle and nuanced yet there definitely are to the level that we can't dismiss/ignore.

Brewing Data of Firestone

23clicks on comandante

TDS 1.37

Pour time 3:15mins

Total Brewing Time: 3:15mins

Auromar Aurora Geisha on 23.Dec.2022(New Profile)

We can say Aurora is the most fruity coffee of all 3. We also would say Aurora is a happy middle of the natural and Firestone. The brightness and sweetness stay in the middle between the natural and Firestone. Thanks to new roasting method we applied for this, we sensed distinct notes of jasmine and passionfruit as it got chilled. Due to the degassing issue, we enjoyed this on our Aeropress recipe better. Opening up with similar vibes of the other 2 Geishas. The perfumed notes of jasmine and passionfruit exploded towards right before the finish towards the after taste. Note that we got higher TDS than other 2 Geishas due to the development of the new roasting profile.

Brewing Data of Firestone

23clicks on comandante

TDS 1.41

Pour time 3:10mins

Total Brewing Time: 3:27mins

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