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Nuevo Horizonte Peru

Nuevo Horizonte Peru

This week we are reviewing Nuevo Horizonte Peru, a delicate yet interesting Bourbon washed from Puno region, Peru.

We have been offering a washed Peruvian annually and this year we pick this from several samples from our importer(especially we are always looking to get Bourbon or Caturra, or even a field blend). Same as Alta Gracia we offered last year, this coffee is from Puno region. 

On pour over, this coffee delivered lemon and lemongrass flavors with its transparent and clean body. This Bourbon is pretty mild and the acidity is perfectly balanced out with its elegant yet thick body.

Brewing data

Brewing method: pour over, V60

Grinder: EK43, 12O'clock

Water: aquacode 100ppm(1:6 ratio), 95 Celcius

TDS: 1.34

Pour time: 3:20 mins

Brew time: 3:35 mins

Tasting notes: pear, black tea, yellow kiwi
Coffee type: clean, transparent, long after taste, distinct sweetness, delicate and elegant, very smooth
Altitude: 1900 m.a.s.l
Area: Puno, Peru
Variety: Bourbon
Producer: Marcelina Peralta 
Process: washed

Cultivar and terroir represent

Our Peruvian coffee of 2023 season is a very clean Bourbon from a 1900MASL highland in Puno. Peru often produces a great Bourbon lot that is bright, sweet and transparent. This lot is quite elegant: so clean and transparent that we sensed its sweetness very distinctly with a pretty long aftertaste. 

Cupping review

Nuevo Horizonte delights with oozing flavors of sweet pear with notes of black tea and vibrant yellow kiwi in the finish. All those delicate flavors are displayed perfectly by its smooth and clean body. 


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