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Kenya coffee reviews 2023#1 V60

Kenya coffee reviews 2023#1 V60

As we are releasing a new Kenya, Kagumoini. We are reviewing all 3 Kenya (and all from Nyeri) available at this moment on pour over. Hope you find your favorite!

1.Gatomboya V60

When it's hot, lots of tropical notes along with hibiscus florals displayed on its delicate citric acidity. Then, getting more complexity with notes of lime zest and black tea. Recommend for those who looking for something complex and prefer exploring the flavors as it changes by time(by head brewer).

2.Gathaithi V60

Juicy and bright coffee with notes of pineapple followed by strawberry. Sweet blubbery when it's chilled. Typical delicious body structure of Kenya coffee yet unprecedented flavors. Recommend for those who look for classic yet unique(by head brewer). 

3.Kagumoini V60

Bright and juicy with tropical vibes such as passionfruit, followed by red currant and rose hip then hibiscus florals. Classic Kenya coffee and it has everything we look for in this origin(by roaster). Classic exciting bright Kenya but well balanced and not straight forward(by head brewer).

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