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JV coffee selection #2 Featuring Edgar Gutierrez Ricauter

JV coffee selection #2 Featuring Edgar Gutierrez Ricauter

6th Anniversary with superb Panama coffees curated by JV

13. August 2023 is the 6th anniversary of Apollon's Gold. To celebrate our anniversary, we are offering our very first collaboration coffees with our friend, a world class coffee expert, Jonathan Vaz Matias(a.k.a. JV coffee hunter). He has been visiting Panama annually and has a strong relationship with each local producer, this time JV selected some “crazy stuffs” for us. Check out his profile and the story(friendship) between us in our previous blog post.

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#2 Edgar Gutierrez Ricauter

In the selection #2, we are featuring amazing Pacamara and Geisha from our mutual friend, Edgar Gutierrez Ricauter, owner of Corpachi farm and the processing manager of Ponderosa farm. In 2021, JV sent us a bag of Corpachi timeless Geisha which was bursting with white florals. It was our very first experience of Edgar's coffee and since then we have been impressed with Edgar's coffees. With JV's help, we offered his Venecia C.M. natural and Geisha "timeless" in May 2022. From what we have experienced, we can honestly say Edgar is really good at featuring each cultivar's character by his refined natural processing, regardless of the style. This year, following JV's recommendation, we purchased a 96 hours lactic fermentation natural "Milkyway" from Corpachi and a washed-like clean Geisha natural from Ponderosa which is nearly tranparent. Milkyway is honestly, one of the best Pacamara we've ever offered, especially best or 2nd best Pacamara natural. We also tried a Ponderosa Geisha roasted by JV last year(2022) and we were so impressed. We all are so pleased to get Ponderosa for our customers and business partners, too.


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