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JV Coffee Collab #3 Janson Geisha lot 107

JV Coffee Collab #3 Janson Geisha lot 107

JV Coffee Collab #3

This year, we sourced some great Panamanian coffees in collaboration with our friend, "JV Coffee Hunter" John Vaz Matias. We have been impressed with literally everything he sourced for our 6th anniversary. We are beyond thrilled to announce the last release of our 6th anniversary coffees; from our long term favorite producer Janson Coffee Estate. When we ordered this coffee through JV, he mentioned that this coffee has a crazy vibrant jasmine flavors, described as "very jasmine" and we have been wondering how "very jasmine" it is.

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Janson Coffee Estate

Been a big fan of Janson coffees, we have been offering hundreds kilos of their top quality coffees since 2021 and, of course, they never disappoint us. Usually, their Geisha has its iconic stone fruit acidity accompanied by peach notes and some pleasant green vibes in the flavors, like melon, white tea, muscat and then usual Geisha flavors of citrus and jasmine; of course it depends on the processing and harvest, sometimes tropical, rose and so on.

Janson lot 107

Then what happens if a world renowned coffee expert selects a coffee from their great offerings for Apollon's Gold? Well, this lot 107 matches our roasting style perfectly and the flavors went beyond our imagination. In the cup, the flavors are literally "crazy" intense with both Geisha character and Janson terroir; bursting to the maximum level, to the level that we have never experienced. It's quite an unusually pleasant experience, exceptionally intense and distinct for a classic washed coffee.


Early Brewing Review 

As we were so impressed with its amazing flavors at the cupping session, we couldn't help brewing this and already impressed with its vibrant flavors. FYI, to accelerate the degassing process, we ground this 30 mins before brewing and put them in a small sample coffee bag with a one-way valve.

Though this batch was obviously not degassed yet, we found a lot of vibrant and distinct notes in the cup with crazy "very jasmine" aroma throughout since the very beginning of the brewing. Very perfumed and sweet, starting with vibrant bergamot flavors, then super distinct and intense jasmine florals, and followed by iconic Janson terroir, green vibes with white tea and sweet melon, also had some bright flavors of passion fruit and lemon. The florals flavors are quite layered and complex though everything is quite distinct. It was like, sweet melon flavors are in the bottom, then white tea notes in the middle, both are iconic Janson Geisha flavors, and the "very jasmine" on top garnished with vibrant bergamot flavors. The acidity was pretty bright based on its nice intensity but not too intense as it's accompanied by the very vibrant and intense flavors and balanced out with its impeccable sweetness. Speaking of the body, it stay in the range of light to medium yet with thick mouthfeel: this reminds us of some nice white wines, especially a Montrachet rather than a Chabris.

Like we always are mentioning, we recommend degassing 45 days, maybe 60 for this coffee to get full flavors. It was already very nice, close to the best, and explored a lot as it getting chilled, we are sure that we can get more from this after proper degassing. What an exciting coffee!

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