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Abu Geisha! GN29 and GW51 from our friend Jose Luttrell

Abu Geisha! GN29 and GW51 from our friend Jose Luttrell

Brewing ABU Geishas

We are thrilled to brew those fancy coffees from our friend, Jose Luttrell! Introduced by our mutual friends, we have sourced many Geishas from him, mainly natural process since we see the processing as his specialty.

In 2022 season, we purchased a washed process Geisha with anaerobic fermentation GW51 and his life time best coffee GN29 Geisha natural that marked the highest score at Abu farm's QC cupping.

As usual, both gems are brewed by our skillful head brewer with her signature recipe.

GN29 V60 Brewing Review

Brewing date: 24.Jan.(roasted on 24.Oct. 2022)

22clicks on Comandante Mk3


Pour time 3:02mins

Total Brewing Time 3:30mins

We brewed a very first batch of GN29(roasted on 24.Oct. 2022). After almost 90days of degassing, seems like the flavors are finally on the peak and those flavors from natural process are perfectly balanced out with its terroir and the Geisha notes. In the cup, GN29 delivered pleasant acidity with perfect balance; bright, clean and super yet not overwhelmingly juicy displayed by its silky body. We found lots of grape accompanied by notes of lavender and melon followed by sweet jasmine florals in the finish.

As this coffee is not that dense due to the processing, we recommend you trying slightly finer grind setting than your usual setting as it drawdowns quite quick.

GW51 Brewing Review

Brewing date: 24.Jan.(roasted on 24.Oct. 2022)

24clicks on Comandante Mk3


Pour time 3:12mins

Total Brewing Time 3:24mins

Unike GN29, we recommend slightly coarser grind setting for GW51 as it's easy to achieve high TDS with this coffee that is sometimes cause a TDS valley experience(like TDS1.70-2.0, it is said that our taste buds won't work well with this TDS range).

GW51 delights with bold sweetness of stone fruits that especially reminds us of peach with notes of lavender, melon, jasmine and lime. We especially see the lime notes and the peach sweeteners as the unique (almost peculiar) characters of GW51.

Thank you so much Jose for offering these vibrant coffees!

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