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Nestor Lasso Sydra, a perfect choice for your fancy espresso

Nestor Lasso Sydra, a perfect choice for your fancy espresso

We added a competition style coffee from Colombia in the lineup, Nestor Lasso Sydra a.k.a El Diviso farm.

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His coffee has been quite popular among Barista and Brewer's championship competitors, especially, the Sydra natural that won the 1st place  and Ombligon natural won the 3rd in the world barista championship competitions.

Though we usually prefer classic washed coffee the best but we couldn't dismiss the current worldwide presence of Colombia experimental coffees and also couldn't help purchasing this as many of our friends speak highly of their Sydra. In fact, our previous offering from Nestor, Bourbon Aji washed has been selling so well and loved by so many customers and partners of ours so we are sure most of you guys are waiting for new Nestor Lasso.

In the cup, this coffee is just gorgeous. Likewise the Bourbon Aji, their processing flavors are pretty dominant but its big acidity and body speak the quality of the Sydra cultivar itself so well. We can honestly say their production and harvesting are as good as their renowned processing so that these distinct flavors are perfectly balanced out with its great intensity of the body structure. 

We also have to mention that the flavors are remarkably clean and free from funkiness though the flavor balance is a classic extended fermentation coffee with dark fruits vibes. Truly amazing job given that they operated a 360 hours of anaerobic natural processing. 

As you may notice, we chose a pic of espresso Nestor Lasso Sydra for this blog post. Its filter is, of course, pretty enjoyable as it was delicious and clean on cupping but we especially suggest enjoying this on espresso. Nowadays, it's not that unusual to have some strong flavor coffees from experimental naturals but still hard to encounter something with body structure this good. Acidity, body and sweetness, every factor in this coffee has a certain intensity yet well balanced: we believe that espresso is the best way to represent all those beauties of the Sydra. 

We tried several shots and milk beverages even before proper degassing yet the result was mind blowing. Thanks to its amazing balance of the Sydra, it’s quite forgiving to extraction and the flavors are extremely vibrant that we can taste them over the gassy-ness. The flavors are also intense enough for us to tell even from a latte! No wonder his coffees won top 3 places in the WBC.

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