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Fincas Mierisch Competition Coffees!

Fincas Mierisch Competition Coffees!

In the end of September 2023, we were so honored to host our friend "Wingo" from our long term partner Fincas Mierisch again. We have literally been offering their coffees annually since we started roasting and their coffee has never disappointed us.

Try their coffees

As you may know, Fincas Mierisch is well renowned for their enthusiasm to explore the cultivar and processing to let each terroir sing.

Since 2021, we have been privileged to offer their flag ship coffees, Santa Lucia Geisha annually and both La Casona and El Triangulo went pretty viral in global coffee community including some lovely positive comments from experts that we personally admire.

Wingo is also the very first coffee producer whom our roaster met (it was in 2017) and  he finally visited our new roastery in 2022 autumn after covid restriction in Japan got lifted. We talked a lot about coffee to share our value and ideas then he kindly recommended some of their favorite coffees in Nicaragua with bringing some samples of those coffees here. It was the first time trying Las Delicias Geisha and San Jose Yellow Pacamara natural process lots. We were beyond impressed by the vibrant flavors from both Pacamara and Geisha. Of course, they are impeccably good at controlling fermentation to make sure that those fermentation flavors are subsided and the character of each cultivar shine.

Speaking of the farm details (they do own 14 different farms, not plots, as they are "FINCAS") we used to recognize Las Delicias for their Java, also that farm is renowned as an experimental farm for its Laurina and some processings, then San Jose Yellow Pacamara just has been our favorite coffee since 2017 (sometimes pulped natural, sometimes washed). This Yellow Pacamara has been nurtured in "Lake Apanas plot" that is literally located around the lake, with special treatments every year. According to Wingo, Lake Apanas plot is very special that makes the Yellow Pacamara shine, this cultivar requires the best care and ideal environment as well.

This year, Las Delicias is just as breathtakingly amazing as some of the best Panama washed Geishas. San Jose does taste like a usual San Jose that we always love but the flavors are even more vibrant due to their magically clean natural processing that features the ripeness.

Last but not least, we also purchased their amazing Java washed from their San Jose farm. Their java is also known as Java-nica, one of their flag ship and Fincas Mierisch is also renowned for a pioneer of Java.

Thank you so much Wingo, Dr. Mierisch, El Señor Erwin Mierisch and of course, Eleane, who have been dedicated for the coffee scene, for all those amazing coffees every time! Also thanks a lot Wingo for coming over this year again!

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