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El Triangulo Geisha 2023!

El Triangulo Geisha 2023!

The wait is over! We are thrilled to offer this sublime coffee again! Last year, we would say, this Geisha went pretty viral and popular amongst the global coffee communities with so many praises, from passionate consumer to even some experts. Thank you so much for your support and we appreciate all those messages and comments. We shared some with Fincas Mierisch and they are also so pleased to hear from you all.

Santa Lucia Geisha
This gem is from our friend, Wingo and Fincas Mierisch. Probably, Santa Lucia Geisha sounds a tad more familiar to coffee fans as it’s a COE 1st place winning coffee(2019 94.5pts followed by 2021 then 2022#2 with a Geisha/Pacamara blend, all 90+ pts). Technically, their winning coffee was a blend of Geishas from La Casona plot and El Triangulo plot.

El Triangulo and La Casona
As mentioned in the previous blog post, Wingo visited us again in the end of September and we talked a lot about their coffee over some cups of the best coffee we had, of course, especially about Santa Lucia Geisha. According to Wingo, La Casona and El Triangulo are located very close; actually just 10 meters away. He said they treat both of them literally equally as well; such as fertilizer, harvest timing and so on. Then, what makes them different? Actually, La Casona Geisha trees are younger than  those in El Triangulo and seems like that is the gravest factor that makes them different. Been roasting both of the Geishas for 2 seasons, we came to have a feeling that El Triangulo peaks a little earlier than La Casona so we decided to offer El Triangulo first and rest La Casona for a few months more. It’s also interesting that La Casona tastes better than El Triangulo at the farm level (right after the harvest). Anyways both of them are sublime coffee, it’s hard to say which is better and even a blend of them tastes stunning. Wingo said humorously “when we obtained this farm, as a Nicaraguan, the amazing terroir made me even jealous but now we are crazy about this farm and the terror.”

2023 Harvest

Overall, 2023 harvest is very generous with a round mouthfeel, a soft acidity and an intense sweetness underlay. Also we need to mention its remarkably vibrant orange flavors in the after taste. Though we would say the key flavors are bright pineapple in the beginning, then jasmine florals that is iconic to classic Geisha and the orange after taste, this coffee is pretty complex with some layered citrus flavors that reminds us of tangerine, orange and Japanese snap orange in as the time goes on. Another impressive factor was the improvement along with the degassing. Usually we get the peak flavors within 1-2 days post roast on cupping but this Geisha keep opening up some more flavors even till 5days post roast. We had similar experience with some top quality Geishas produced in low-middle elevation: especially Las Delicias as for this season; Las Delicias also keep improving till a week, even on cupping, and starts blooming with some vibrant flavors of passionfruit and orange marmalade. Taste wise, we would say, the 2022 harvest represents the Geisha cultivar so well, meanwhile this lot represents the Santa Lucia Geisha/Honduras Geisha terroir perfectly. It's not unusual to have a very acidic top notch Geisha yet it's still hard to find some generous and sweet coffee with vibrant Geisha flavors like this.

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