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Karatina Kenya: a pretty flowery and refreshing lot

Karatina Kenya: a pretty flowery and refreshing lot

We are introducing a new Kenya in the line up in this article.

Karatina is, though the overall impression still stay in the range of Kenya vibes, still a quite interesting and unique stuff: this Kenya is pretty citrusful and flowery.

At the cupping, there are very distinct flavors of Barberry and some florals. Technically, this is nearly a SL28 single cultivar lot (though there are few amounts of Ruiru 11 and Batian), that also makes this coffee unique and special. 

On V 60 pour over, it delivered tons of flowery and tea like flavors. We got quite refreshing notes of lemon and lime zest (or nearly lime peel oil), then the barberry flavors getting dominant. The long lasting sweetness in the aftertaste was also remarkable, we usually don’t get dried apricot after taste this distinct.

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