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Gear and Processes

A in-depth look into our gear and what we do to make sure we're doing right by you and our farmers.

The grinder

We are using an EK43S (220-230V model) with a voltage converter to match and achieve the global standard of the specialty coffee industry. We have chosen to use pre-2015 SSP burrs as we believe they provide the most unbiased profile for us. The burrs are carefully calibrated and aligned with the sandpaper method to make sure that the grinder is working to its full potential.

The water

As water is a majority of what coffee is, we need good water for good coffee. We use Aquacode mineral packs for all of our water, at the roastery and the Tokyo brew bar. It is our key to offering consistent quality in our roasts and our green bean assessment.

Our recipe is 1 pack of Aquacode per 6 liters of pure distilled water.

Espresso machine

Although a bit unconventional, we are using Victoria Arduino's Eagle One Prima at our brew bar as it provides a very stable and consistent shot quality, and the high level of customizability via its app.

We are doing a more modern style of espresso at our brew bar. Check out our current recipes here.

Our recipes

Cupping protocol

We conduct rigorous cupping sessions with strict methods.

Each cupping session is 50-70 minutes long, sometimes even longer, so that we can accurately portray our coffees to you. If a coffee doesn't meet our standards, we try again until it does, or we don't sell it. We only sell coffees which are still enjoyable at the 50-minute mark.

Every team member knows the cupping process and how to conduct a thorough cupping session.

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