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Sydra Wave

Sydra Wave

After the Taiwan coffee expo, we finally brewed Sydra Wave natural here at our roastery!  It's an extended natural process coffee yet with its strong terroir flavors. This coffee is remarkably bright and clean for an extended fermentation natural process coffee.

Pour over

In the cup, we sensed distinct flavors candied lemon then followed by violet florals and followed by bright dark cherry aftertaste with "Pepe vibes".

Over all, this is a very rich coffee due to its medium/full-body, with remarkably big bright acidity balanced out by the bold sweetness.

*drawdowns faster than other coffees. 

TBT: 3:03mins

TDS: 1.46 


Niche Zero: 11.5

Time: 36sec

Outcome: 40g (grounds 15g)

TDS: 8.02 

Very bold and sweet, this was a pretty nice traditional espresso. Pomelo and purple grapes are more pronounced in a very rich, full-body texture, with hints violet. Dark chocolate and dark cherry in the after taste.

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