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Pie San Exclusive

Pie San Exclusive

In this article, we are reviewing our long term favorite coffee, Pie San exclusive (Pie San Yellow Typica Yellow honey, WBrC 2018 lot), that has been exclusively produced for us since 2021.

We would say this coffee is very elegant, perhaps the most elegant coffee we've offered. If we were to mentioned this coffee in a single word, this is a "champagne" in the coffee industry; especially for its crisp acidity and refined sweetness. 

*This coffee was roasted on 28.Oct and brewed on 18.Jan

On pour over/V60

We've got lots of pomelo notes displayed on its crisp and elegant acidity with its refined pear sweetness throughout, followed by orange blossoms with tea vibes towards the aftertaste. Also very subtle wild strawberry notes. Its silky body adds more elegance in our experience.


Grind: 12 O'clock on EK43S

Pour time: 3mins

TBT: 3:20mins



This coffee is pretty forgiving for espresso extraction. Our first shot was gusher (16sec and 45g espresso weight) but still pretty enjoyable with lots of orange flavors.

In the 2nd shot, we've got lots of pomelo when its hot then orange blossom notes became dominant and followed by lingering fruit flavors of strawberry and pineapple towards the aftertaste. Its silky body makes the shot even milder.


Grind setting: 11th on Niche

TDS: 8.07

EBR: 15g/37g

Time: 37sec


Pomelo: in common 

Pour over: more elegant and crisp, more pear sweetness in pour over.

Espresso: more juicy strawberries and pineapple

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