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La Isla ETH47

La Isla ETH47

Our favorite coffee that we buy annually

In the 2023 harvests, we can honestly say Costa Rica coffees are pretty good with their vibrant flavors. Both Pie San Yellow Typica and La Isla ETH47 are by far the best coffees of this season in our lineup; both best lots we've ever had from them. We are reviewing La Isla ETH47 that we started offering in the last September.


Bright and clean, floral with distinct notes of hibiscus along with some rose hip notes. We had some bright flavors of pineapple and passionfruit but overall it's pretty well balanced and round with its juiciness and lingering sweetness throughout. Its smooth medium body makes it more drinkable as well.

Likewise other origins, this year's La Isla are physically soft than it drawdowns faster and it'll easily get high extraction/TDS. We had TDS 1.46 on a 1:17(15g:255g) ratio with our go to grind setting (12O'clock on EK43S or 25clicks on a Commandante) and the drawdown time was 3:21. If you couldn't find the full flavors with a proper degassing, the TDS/EXT was very likely too high to the level that it interferes the flavor perception. Try a bit coarser setting or lower the brew temp.


We had a pretty good brew with a 15:35 ratio, 35sec total brewing time. On espresso, La Isla was more floral rather than bright and still well balanced with its lingering sweetness.

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