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Las Delicias Geisha!

Las Delicias Geisha!

Today we are reviewing this absolute gem from our friend, Fincas Mierisch a.k.a Wingo. 

Generally, this Geisha is almost like a washed coffee on cupping, that always surprises us.

On pour over, Las Delicias reminds us of some of our favorite Panama washed Geishas with its very elegant yet distinct Geisha notes. We've got some pleasant notes of jasmine, white tea and passionfruit along side a tiny bit of natural process vibes. 

We would say, basically, this is a very classic Geisha with some more complexity. A light bodied, smooth and silky Geisha but a touch of his natural process adds hints of sweetness to tweak the acidity, to make the entire impression even milder.

On espresso, you will definitely see his intention of this natural process. The shot we had from this Geisha was absolutely smooth, almost silky, and mild, with underlying sweetness but still with vibrant notes of classic Geisha experience; lemon, candied orange peel and jasmine. Maybe nothing sounds extravaganza but a kind of unprecedented experience to us. His perfectly controlled natural process is dedicated to make a very smooth and sweet coffee with vibrant Geisha flavors.

V60 Brewing data 

We would recommend a tad finer grind setting (maybe one notch finer than your usual setting for our coffees) for this coffee. In our case, we tried 11O’clock on our EK as it drawdowns pretty quickly.

Espresso Brewing data

15g in and 30g out, 36 sec (11 on niche zero).





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