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Pepe Jijon Geisha

Pepe Jijon Geisha

Over all impression

Pepe always produces breathtaking kind of coffees with a beautiful harmony in the flavors; between terroir, cultivar and processing. Though each note is distinct, they are well orchestrated seamlessly.

Pour over

Pour time: 3:20

Brew time: 3:40

TDS: 1.41

Grind: 12 O'clock on EK *a little bit slow flow/drawdown

Pepe Geisha pour over delivers bright and elegant flavors. Expect pomelo, jasmine, violet and Chinese green tea seamlessly displayed on its bright yet elegant acidity with juicy acerola in the aftertaste.


Ratio: 15g grounds. 34g out

Grind: 11.5 on Niche zero

Brewing time: 45 sec

TDS: 9.12

This Geisha espresso provided us something like almost perfect espresso experience. This shot remarkably good, with very silky yet velvety thick mouthfeel and super vibrant Geisha flavors. Bright, juicy and very well balanced with vibrant notes of pomelo and jasmine (they came at the same time) and delicate stone fruit flavors in the finish. We can honestly say this espresso exceeded our expectation: the flavors were mind blowing and exciting but over all it was very well balanced and harmonized.

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