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Wilder Lazo Geisha (early review)

Wilder Lazo Geisha (early review)

Just an incredible cup

We sourced this lot following recommendations from our partner producer, Wingo from Fincas Miersich lately. In short, this is the best experimental fermentation coffee we've sourced ever. Wingo mentioned this coffee as super clean and transparent and we also feel the same, with crazy vibrant and intense Geisha notes. Technically, this is a 140hours of extended anaerobic fermentation washed coffee but as clean as some of the cleanest washed coffee profiles. 

Early Review

As this coffee was remarkably brilliant with incredible flavors, we couldn't help trying this coffee on pour over. We operated 24 hours of "force degassing"(pre-grind and put them into a 20g sample bag with a one-way valve, let them degass for 24 hours).

The result was just crazy, even better or we would say it was way better than the flavors from the cupping: so much going on, we had layered citrus notes of lemongrass, lime and yuzu, then intense chamomile florals accompanied by layered florals of rose, lavender and underlying jasmine and then vibrant finish of passionfruit with a very long and sweet aftertaste.

The acidity was bright yet elegant balanced out with an underlying bold sweetness through out. 

The florals and citrus notes were delicately layered yet each note is very distinct, that surprised us, especially it has a super distinct yuzu flavors. We feel that the flavors from the process is seamlessly extending the Geisha flavors.

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