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New Coffee Review: Las Delicias Java-Nica Anaerobic Natural Nicaragua

New Coffee Review: Las Delicias Java-Nica Anaerobic Natural Nicaragua

The first Nicaraguan coffee in this season is from the renowned Mierisch family. This Java-Nica (Java variety produced in Nicaragua) lot is incredibly clean and delicate for an anaerobic natural processed Nicaraguan coffee.

The landscape

This Javanica, harvested for their unique “Low Temperature Anaerobic Natural” process, delights with intense yet elegant and complex notes. Due to the processing, the fermentation flavors are quite less pronounced and balanced out with its terroir/varietal flavors. They have great control over the fermentation by emitting aerobic fermentation in low temperature environment.

The tank for anaerobic fermentation

In the cup, violet florals are quite dominant, and you’ll find subtle green tea notes and hints of cashew when it’s hot, and then you’ll come to find ripe strawberries behind the violet florals, also sometimes with crisp lemon aftertaste.

As it cools, violet florals get modified, therefore you’ll find more fruity and crisp flavors that basically comes from the Java-Nica variety: lemon, orange, jasmine and white grape that lead the way to a white wine finish.

It is often said that the varietal flavors of Java is somewhat closed to Geisha flavors except for the herbal notes which are often described as green tea or spices.

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