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Fellow Stagg X brewer review: why it’s become our most preferred brewer

Fellow Stagg X brewer review: why it’s become our most preferred brewer


Recently, “Fellow Products” has become prominent for their unique, beautiful yet solid products with attention to the details.

We’d like to introduce their second brewer “Stagg X” for our first official blog post.

Having read “The Physics of Kettle Stream” and discussed with @kaffeine.abuse, we have come to think that flat bottom brewer might be better than cone brewer in terms of even extraction unless it doesn’t have holes in the outermost area; then we finally have found this amazingly functional brewer.

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Vacuum insulated body

Due to the double wall body, Stagg X keeps the slurry temperature stable, which will help you achieve consistent and efficient extraction. Also, the mat black outer wall is safe to touch.

Solid double wall body with mat black coating

Flat bottom and steep slope

Even and relatively deep ground bed depth due to its shape ensures the contact of grounds with brew water, which enables you to brew consistently on variable dose. Note that your optimal dose depends on your kettle performance: the break up length (details by “Coffee Ad Astra”)

Stagg X on Carter
Relatively lower pour height for 15g dose

*Pour with relatively low height for 15g dose

Relatively higher pour height for 20g dose

*Higher pour height for 20g dose.

The unique hole pattern

The unique hole pattern, especially in the outermost area, ensures even flow. Besides, the hole pattern prevents choking (as mentioned by their official web shop) and channels by its consistent flow rate through out the brew; Stagg X is quite home brewer/home grade grinder friendly.

When brewing with flat bottom brewer, bottom grounds in outer areas tend to remain dry or under extracted. We assume it's due to water flow that spread entirely once poured then concentrate to the holes; the holes in the outermost areas let the flow extract the bottom grounds in the area.

The hole pattern

Pairing with Fellow’s brewing vessels and gears.

Stagg X can be beautifully placed on any brewing vessels of Fellow. Carter portable mug, our favorite, is perfect for your day off. 

Stagg on Carter

Funnel and dosing cup are included 

You can place the funnel on the filter to prevent the grounds from scattered.

The funnel and dosing cup


Hard to place Stagg X horizontally

It’s always best to place your brewer horizontally, especially the Stagg X which is designed to extract evenly. To be honest, the silicone holder in the bottom of the brewer interfere with horizontal placement; you need extra holder such as Hario V60 dripper holder to put Stagg X horizontally.

Gray silicone dripper holder: this is a bit of a problem


We highly recommend this Stagg X brewer especially for home brewers though also great for cafe-use. Not only the hole pattern help professionals brew evenly and consistently, the brewer offers greater margin for error and grind quality which is definitely helpful for home brewers. In addition that, this brewer is quite durable and compact; perfect for traveling. If you are using high end home grade grinder such as Commandante, Kinu and Ode, Stagg X elevate your brewing up to professional level.

See the collection below to try with Stagg X!!

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