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Fellow Stagg X Brew Guide

Fellow Stagg X Brewer

This beautifully made brewer became our most preferred piece of gear from first use.

The vacuum insulated body keeps the slurry temperature stable, which will help you achieve consistent extraction.

Due to its flat bottom shape with steep slope, this brewer has relatively deep ground bed depth which enables you to brew consistently on variable dose.

Its unique hole pattern, especially in the outermost area, ensures even flow; also it prevents choking.

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Brewer Model: Fellow Stagg X

Ratio: 15g/255g-20g/340g (as a starting point) 

Total Brewing Time: 3:00-4:30 minutes

Brew Temperature: 97℃(93°C for low grown or less dense naturals)

Grind setting: 21-27clicks on Comandante


Your optimal pour height/rate depends on your dose. We recommend higher pour height/rate for larger dose to make sure that the stream gets the bottom ground bed disturbed and agitated, and vice versa.
Pour evenly onto the entire coffee ground bed to get the slurry fully agitated. For better turbulence, pour rate recommended is just enough to letting droplets appear in the stream (detailed information). Keep your pour height as stable as possible.


(1)Get your boiled brew water ready.

(2)Start with a medium fine grind, make sure that there are no visible boulders in your ground. Between brews, adjust your grind size to hit the optimal brew time (3:00-4:30minutes) or grind finer until you feel unpleasant bitterness, then go back one notch coarser on the grinder. We recommend "rinsing" your grinder beforehand with 1-2g of same beans which you brew.

(3)Set your paper filter, then rinse the filter and pre-heat your coffee server and the brewer beforehand by pouring hot boiling water into the center to fill up the brewer.

Rising: Pour boiling water onto the center to fill up the brewer
*We recommend aggressive center focus pour for rinsing filter to make sure that the fringes are not disturbed

4)Put the metal funnel on the filter, add your grounds and shake your Stagg X to make the bed flatten.

Add grounds.
*Using metal funnel
Flat dry coffee ground bed
*Even coffee ground bed without visible boulders

(5)Start your timer and add just enough(3 times per your grounds weight) bloom water to wet all the grounds in within 10 sec.

Pre-wetting (blooming) phase

Grab the brewer and begin to swirl in a circular motion(spin the brewer). Wait and bloom for up to 45 seconds.

(6)Pour the rest of brew water in 2 phases. Pour brew water continuously and gently in a circular "outside-in" motion(from outermost area but do NOT pour on the fringe) to hit 60% of the total brew water weight within 20-40seconds(phase 1)

Start main pour from the outerwear most area
*Start main poring from outermost area.

(7)Spin the brewer. Wait 20-30seconds. 

(8)pour the rest of the brew water like phase 1, then spin the brewer.

Time to resume main pouring *Resume pouring before the coffee ground bed appears

Resume pouring from outermost area

(9)Wait for the water to flow through completely.

Flat coffee ground bed after drawdown
*Flat coffee ground bed after drawdown.


Kettle Stream Theory: Coffee Ad Astra

The Rao Spin: Mr. Scott Rao

*Special thanks 


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