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New Coffee Review: Legendary Geisha Guatemala

New Coffee Review: Legendary Geisha Guatemala

We're thrilled to have Guatemalan El Injerto back! This season, we purchased Geisha varietal lot from their celebrated “legendary” plot from them.

Finca El Injerto is definitely the most renowned farm in Guatemala with multiples times of COE 1st place winning award; also famous for their one of the most popular private auction in the world.

Arturo Aguirre, the owner of Finca El Injerto
Finca El Injerto

This plot is well known as the best plot for Geisha cultivar of El Injerto farm; a 1800 m.a.s.l highland where most of the auction-geishas are cultivated. 
All the Geisha trees in legendary plot are shared by Hacienda La Esmeralda, a “legendary” farm in Panama. El Injerto farm named the plot "legendary" to show gratitude and respect to the world’s most celebrated Esmeralda farm. Though the trees are genetically similar, the terroir of the 1800m.a.s.l highland and the farm’s original “P-3” processing, including very careful slow drying after 24 hours of soaking, make their Geisha coffees unique and distinct.

The Geisha trees
Legendary plot


Opening with delicious lychee notes as a quite common flavor in top quality Guatemalan Geishas, accompanied by jasmine florals which give it a crisp complexity, and then followed by distinct orange blossom notes.

As it cools you’ll find more fruitiness and crispness with creamy chocolate sweetness underlay. Tantalizingly juicy pineapples with subdued lemon notes that lead the way to a delicate muscat sweetness. 

The beans are quite dense and hard due to the terroir and their careful processing; all the passion and efforts are reflected in the intense yet exquisite Geisha coffee.

The legendary geisha beans
The process

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