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Brewing Review #1: degas is over! Janson 722 is ready to brew

Brewing Review #1: degas is over! Janson 722 is ready to brew

The first review is here!

Following our lovely customers requests, our first brewing review is 722 Janson, Geisha natural. Janson Geisha Natural is definitely our favorite coffee each year. We know everyone is waiting for their clean processed, washed like Geisha natural that delivers the terroir of Volcan the best. Thanks to the high cultivation altitude and the soil, Volcan Geishas tend to be hard, dense and bright and it's always fun to roast these hard beans.

Like we mentioned at the item page on the web shop, this 722 is full of bright fruit tones that are almost like those of washed Geishas. This coffee actually is physically hard for a natural process Geisha so that we would recommend grinding this finer than usual.

Here's the brewing data below.*pour motion follows our head brewer's method.

The most important advice: go finer than usual, like 23 on Comandante Mk3 or you can even go 22

Our result with Comandante MK3&V60

Total brewing time: 3:20 (30 sec bloom phase)
Pour: finished on 3mins 

TDS: 1.40TDS

clean, sweet after taste. 


Orange in the beginning, some florals between jasmine and lavender, lime, little bit of papaya sweetness (something between citrus and tropical) 

EK43 with V60

The total brewing time pour time and TDS was the same.

Less clean than that with Comandante, more florals pronounced, more jasmine and less lavender, lime, melon sweetness and artificial tropical vibes that remind us of mangosteen. 

Roast date: 11.Sep

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