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Brewing Review #2 Takesi Geisha 2022 (Filter)

Brewing Review #2 Takesi Geisha 2022 (Filter)

Our 2nd brewing review is everyone's best favorite, Takesi Geisha!
This year we purchased a peaberry lot for our retail customers as it offers more uniformity than flat beans.

Comandante Mk3 and V60

Orange, peach, mangosteen, artificial perfumed vibes. 

Opening with orange, followed by sweetness of peach and vibrant mangosteen in the finish. 

Brewing Data (using our head brewer's brew guide)


Total brewing time: 3:30

Bloom 30 sec, pour finished on 3mins on the timer


We've received some review saying that some customers couldn't get other fruity notes but mostly grapefruit. We experimented it with a similar condition (most of them actually were using flat bottomed brewer with wave filter when they had problem). We chose Fellow Stagg X for a flat bottom brewer and too compliment the strength, the grinder was Timemore with fine settings so that we could get same TDS and total brewing time on a fixed ratio.

Timemore C3 with StaggX


TDS 1.35

Total brewing time: 3:30mins 

Bloom 30 sec, pour finished on 3mins on the timer

More grapefruit, Darjeeling, less sweetness

Conclusion: with this setting we had kind of over powering grapefruit notes and florals were changed into Darjeeling like notes (complex yet kind of distracted). We would recommend using V60 and focusing on center pour in a circular motion.

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