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Brewing Review #3: Takesi Java!

Brewing Review #3: Takesi Java!

Finca Takesi is an incredibly amazing coffee producer! This is our very first purchase of Java from them and they just started offering Java since the last season. No wild or spicy vibes there, definitely the most delicate, fruity yet vibrant Java we've ever tasted.

Brewing data

Pour time: 3:00mins

Total brewing time: 3:30 mins


Comandante Mk3 23 clicks  


This java delights with dominant aroma of sweet chocolate in the beginning then followed by bright grape fruit and vibrant nectarine sweetness in the finish.

*Try finer grind setting22 : became brighter with chocolaty mouthfeel 

Time More C3 13 clicks

Less chocolate notes yet grape fruit flavors are more pronounced with hints of nectarine in the after taste. Thicker mouthfeel and more sweetness with caramel aftertaste.

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