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This Acaia natural reminds us of washed coffees with its florals: we do love Carmo Estate

This Acaia natural reminds us of washed coffees with its florals: we do love Carmo Estate

When you hear "Brazilian natural coffee, not experimental", perhaps you imagine something nutty, chocolaty and kinda bold. As far as many coffee people experienced, even a cultivar for high yield/disease resistant tastes very floral/fruity and represent the terroir best when it suits the land and the process, like some Parainema or IH90 in Honduras or Caturra, Castillo and Tabi in Colombia. In this article, we'd like to feature one of those cases that suits a terroir basically known for classic Brazil.

the view from Carmo Estate

Acaia cultivar

Actually Acaia cultivar itself is not very rare or premium though it's hard to find "100% Acaia lot". This coffee is a special selection of Mundonovo cultivar, known for its resistance to rust disease. You will find Acaia mixed with Mudonovo and Catucai in half commercial half specialty grade lots for espresso blend.

Carmo Estate

Carmo Estate, as you can guess by its name, the farm is located in Minas Gerais. To be exact the region is Helidola, Mantiqueira de Minas in  the western side of Carmo de Minas. On the whole, their coffees are very clean and fruity with nice juicy acidity.

The owner family

Why we love this Acaia?


Amongst their clean, properly processed coffees, this Acaia especially shines this year as it selected from Tulio, the farm owener, as their best recommendation of the year. Besides the clean cup and the juiciness usually seen in their line up, this Acaia is very bright and crisp with vibrant flowery notes accompanied by guava like refreshing tropical notes, that lift it to the next level. We believe this coffee represents and interprets the terroir best.

The processing

The patio

Surprisingly, this coffee is dried in patios, not in African beds. Their careful condition control and the cold wind in the farm are dedicated to the clean cup. 

Besides super competitive coffees, we are ambitiously bringing hidden gems and unique coffees like this.

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