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Wahana "Long Berry" washed: a glimpse into the future

Want floral, fruity and sweet notes? Well, we do recommend this Indonesian coffee! This coffee is what we really love to share with you.

We are showcasing great terroir of  Sidikalang in Sumatra with this WASHED "Long Berry" lot. We've actually roasted and tried their Long Berry washed in 2017 and we are so impressed with its iconic melon like sweet flavors accompanied by milky sweetness.

WAHANA landscape

As you guys know, Sumatran coffees are renowned for its full body as Wet-Hull processed coffees, especially among dark roast lovers. Even though we like wet-hull coffees and in fact we offered "Kerinci Wet-Hull" in 2020, we are craving for WASHED sumatran coffees as we believe that washed coffees always interpret its terroir the best. We are more than excited for our first Indonesian coffee of the season! 

We have heard a lot of nice things about Indonesian coffees from our friends, especially washed ones, we'd love to keep offering fine Indonesian coffees and bring more from some other islands in the country. It's not only because Apollon's Gold is from Asia(with Greek-ish name though), also Asian coffee producers, especially Indonesian people(we also do know some Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese coffee are very nice) are producing very nice coffees with their passion; plus, most importantly, Indonesia is one of the oldest coffee producing country that indicates Arabica coffees must suit the land very well.

Wahana farmers
The look of the beans

Well, about this "Wahana Long Berry Washed", this coffee is totally different from typical Asian coffees except for its spicy exotic vibes.This coffee has distinct notes of melon, very unique milk like flavors with its mouth feel and sweetness. This Ethiopian landrace offers those unique yet sweet notes besides the cultivar brings its lemon like delicate acidity with refreshing citrusy notes into the cup. There are also some spicy exotic vibes that reminds us of Java variety with its green tea like notes or some spicy vibes, we belive that those notes make this lot more enjoyable but if you don't like other notes besides fruity/floral notes, we recommend you to degas it very long, like 40-50days to accentuate its melon like sweet notes at maximum(and you will hardly see the spicy tones).

Aeropress: Wahana

Here is our current brewing with this origin below.

Brewing date: 17. July. 2021

Brew method: Aeropress

Roasting date: 10. May. 2021(67days post roast. unopened)

Brew Ratio: 15g :240g(1:16)

Brew Temp: 93°C

Grind: 20 clicks on Comandante

Total Brew Time: 2:45-3mins

With this recipe and very long degassing (the key is keeping the bag unopened), we really enjoyed its front loaded and dominant melon flavors with milk candy sweetness. Better or worse we didn't see any spicy notes in the cup, this coffee was full of melon through out. On the other hand, you'll see more uniqueness of spicy notes, green tea flavors and complexity in the begging of degassing. We do recommend you to dig this origin more. We are going to explore more from the islands in Indonesia and Asian countries annually!

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