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Our Philosophy

Respect to each terroir

We love all those delicious coffees in the market yet we would say Apollon's Gold team is a big fan of micro climate: always trying our hardest to bring the best out of each terroir. We see terroir especially when the cultivar performs best on the land.  

Main aim in sourcing 
Mainly sourcing bright washed coffees along side some delicate natural process coffees as those coffees would represent the terroir and our roasting style the best. We are especially enthusiastic to source classic coffees (Brazil naturals, Costa Rica honey and most washed coffees) with those "traditional cultivars" which have been produced for decades. Of course we are also excited to introduce some competition style/experimental process coffees to our lovely customers.

Respect the season

We are always looking to find the best possible coffees in each harvest season with best care to freshness. Though some coffees last long if it’s carefully vacuumed, we prefer to offer them on their peak and love introducing unique coffees from different production countries in every single month.

Quality control and assessment system

Our QC staffs assess the roasting quality independently from the roaster to provide unrestrained feedbacks. To finalize the production roast profile, we roast and cup each single origin over and over and always tasting each single batch not to dismiss any minimum changes in the cup: we are always elaborating and tweaking the roasting profile along with the condition change and smallest gaps between each single box/bag of green beans for best possible quality.

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