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Kalita Wave Brew Guide


Due to its flat bottom shape, Kalita Wave is less likely to choke and clog compared with cone shape brewers unless you pour aggressively. The shape of this brewer definitely helps you with low height/slow flow pouring due to its shallow and even bed depth. We recommend Kalita Wave especially to beginners and home grade grinder users. Perfect with shower head type batch brewer such as Hario Smart 7 or DE1.


Brewer Model: Kalita Wave 185 stainless steel

Ratio: 20g/340g (as a starting point)

Total Brewing time: 3:00-4:30 minutes

Brew Temp: 98℃


It is sometimes reported that the bottom grounds in outer areas remain dry or under extracted. We assume it's due to water flow that spread entirely once poured then concentrate to the holes since Kalita has only 3 holes in the center(it doesn’t have any hole in the outer area).

To extract outer areas, make sure that you pour on the entire coffee bed(especially outer areas) evenly and disturb the bed deeply at each pulse. For better turbulence, pour rate recommended is just enough to letting droplets appear in the stream (detailed information). Keep your pour height as stable as possible.

*Try low height/slow flow pouring if you use home grade grinder or choking occurs.


(1)Get your clean boiled brew water ready.

(2)Start with a medium fine grind, make sure that there are no visible boulders in your ground. Between brews, adjust your grind size to hit the optimal brew time (3:00-4:30minutes) or grind finer until you feel it’s unpleasantly bitter, then go back one notch coarser on the grinder. We recommend "rinsing" your grinder beforehand with 1-2g of same beans which you brew.

(3)Set your paper filter, then rinse the filter and pre-heat your coffee server and the brewer beforehand by pouring hot boiling water into the center to fill up the brewer.Preheating the brewer and rising the filter Add your grounds, shake Kalita brewer to make the bed flatten.

(4)Start your timer and add just enough(3 times per your grounds weight) bloom water to wet all the grounds. Grab the brewer and begin to swirl in a circular motion(spin the brewer). Wait and bloom for up to 45 seconds.

(5)Pour the rest of brew water in 2 phases. Pour brew water continuously and gently in a circular "outside-in" motion(from outermost area but do NOT pour on the fringe) to hit 60% of the total brew water weight within 20-40seconds, then spin the brewer(phase 1). Wait 20-30seconds then pour the rest of the brew water like phase1, spin the brewer(phase 2).

(6)Wait for the water to flow through completely.


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