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Gertrudis Sydra and Geisha: Redefining 'summertime classic'

Gertrudis Sydra and Geisha: Redefining 'summertime classic'


There are mouthwatering summer classics like refreshing lemonade or tropical piña coladas -- and then, there are Hacienda Santa Gertrudis' Sydra and Geisha, two coffees which to us, embody the intense and invigorating summertime sensations that we gladly welcome this time of year. The Sydra shines with clean fruit flavors that call to mind biting into a bright, green apple and enjoying a delightfully juicy mandarin orange, accompanied by the natural herbaceousness and warmth of chrysanthemum. The Geisha, on the other hand, offers a swelter of  blueberry, aromatic yuzu, and floral tea -- without a doubt turning up the heat on the classic Geisha profile. We're deeming these coffees "summer in a cup," as they delight our palettes with iconic flavors just right for the season.


An extravaganza of flavor and balance 

Fireworks are a must-see spectacle of any summer evening sky, renowned for their dynamism, colorfulness, and marvelous brightness. Imagine the awe-inspiring explosiveness of these night displays in a coffee? Now enter the Sydra. When we first cupped it, we were wowed by its intense flavors, especially for a non geisha, classic washed coffee. It burst on onto our palette with bright florals, succulent fruits, and sweet spices, then delighted with shimmering, delicious flavors reminiscent of Coca-Cola and ginger ale.

Similarly, owing to its masterfully executed honey process, the Geisha treated us to a layered cupping experience replete with pops of blueberry, mesmerizing citrus, and prominent notes of jasmine and darjeeling in the body. 

A new spin on summer refreshments

While most classic washed Sydras are known for their bold, yet understated sweetness and well rounded fruitiness, we've been fortunate to encounter some outstanding varietal lots that have delivered unexpectedly vibrant and impactful flavors, much like this one, which caught our attention with it's sparkling-esque mouthfeel that made us feel like we were sipping our all time favorite soft drinks  blended with exciting fruits and florals, all leading up to a harmonious silky finish.

The Geisha, which is among the first we've tried from Hacienda Santa Gertrudis upon recommendation by our dear friend Pepe Jijon, delivers on all aspects of a distinct, classic Geisha profile, yet unfolds with notes of sweet yuzu citrus, blueberry, jasmine, and darjeeling, whose sweetness continues to develop as you drink. The maturity and complexity of this coffee achieved through processing brings, in addition to enhanced sweetness, an alternative acidity, along with a rich and round mouthfeel. On pour over, this Ecuadorian Geisha fondly brought our taste palettes back to memories of some of the best Chiriqui Panamanian Geishas that we've had the pleasure of drinking over the years.

Hacienda Santa Gertrudis

Hacienda Santa Gertrudis is distinguished for its unique and diverse selection of  competition style offerings, such as carbonic maceration process coffees loved by barista championship competitors, and has consistently garnered national recognition. Our friendship started in early 2022 via the outreach of its founder, Jose Eguiguren, with whom we quickly established a robust, direct trade partnership. Among all of the exciting samples Jose sent us, this honey processed Geisha and Sydra were our top choices. We're ecstatic to welcome the arrival of summer by sharing these incredible coffees with you. 



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