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Degassing notice

We recommend degassing this coffee for at least 35 days, up to 70. Our coffees often peak around 45 days and 60 days post-roast and are best enjoyed from then until the 90 day mark.

Our omniroast style leads to abnormally long degassing times, but just trust us, once your coffee is degassed properly, you're in for a treat.

Cupping review 

Ngila delights with incredible acidity displayed on its pretty rich and smooth tactile. Expect refreshing flavors of grapefruit accompanied by notes of eucalyptus and long sweet aftertaste of fruit leather. What makes this coffee special is its light yet very rich body and very intense acidity: this actually is a very hard and dense peaberry lot, that reflects in those unique body structure

Tasting notes: grapefruit, eucalyptus, fruit leather
Coffee Type: very unique, rich yet light body
Producer: Vera Stucker
Area: Karatu, Arusha, Tanzania
Altitude: 1500-1600 m.a.s.l
Variety: Kent, Bourbon, SL-28
Process: washed
Roasted for espresso and filter
Whole beans (100g 250g NET)

Degassing: we recommend degassing this coffee unopened for at least 45days. Best from 60days to 70days post roast.

Ngila coffee

Ngila AA 2023 was our very first purchase of Tanzania coffee as Apollon’s Gold brand. The producer, Vera, is well known for multiple award winning producer in Tanzania and we are especially intrigued by this very traditional terroir. Tanzania is one of the oldest coffee producing countries and known for Bourbon mutations such as Kent and SL28. In general, Tanzania coffee reminds us of Kenya coffees as it’s pretty bright and juicy, that is also similar to Burundi and Rwanda coffees. We would love to explore more on this mysterious yet promising terroir with a long history.

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