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Farms We Buy From

We are proudly introducing some our favorite farms that we annually buy from. Friendship with producers is always empowering and makes our coffee even better.

Mierisch Family

A long term partner/friends from Nicaragua. We have been working with Fincas Mierisch since the beginning of Apollon's Gold. Fincas Mierisch is well known for their passion to explore the diversity of coffee cultivars and did win many competitions with different cultivars. We are especially buying their San Jose, Las Delicias and we are also honored to purchase their Santa Lucia Geisha (Triangulo and Casona) every year.


Pepe Jiijon

Artisanal and passionate producer in Ecuador. He loves the terroir of Imbabura a lot with some terroir booster profiles. We got to know each other in social media in 2022 and then started working together in the early 2023 as our very first direct trade coffee. His coffee speaks his passion and amazing jobs on each cultivar.

Pepe's Coffee

Oscar & Luis Monge

We have been purchasing their coffees since 2018. They are renowned for their knowledge for soil, microbes and microclimate, and always passionate to exploit a new plot in Costa Rica. We usually purchase their coffee produced in Pie San farm. Our favorite coffees from them are ETH47 and, of course, Yellow Typica that is exclusively produced for us.


Alietta Family

A very progressive and ambitious producer in West Valley, Costa Rica. We have been buying their ETH47 cultivar exclusively since 2021. They teamed up with some institutes to improve the quality of their coffee in agricultural and scientific ways. Always trying to seek for some cultivars that are ideal for the land.


Edgar Gutierrez

A master of processing in Cordillera, Panama and a passionate producer.He is also the owner of Corpachi farm and taking part in Ponderosa farm as a processing manager. Our mutual friend, JV introduced him with some recommendations .Our first trial of his coffee was in early 2021, Coprachi Geisha Timeless roasted by JV that was amazing and we started working with Edgar since 2022. Besides he's very renowned for the incredibly clean processing methods, he is also truly passionate on coffee cultivars that he's producing so many cultivars in the farm. So far, we tried his Geisha, Pacamara and Venecia. Can't get some more from him!


Jose Luiz Chevas

A young and very passionate producer in Boquete, Panama. We started working with him since 2023 annviersary, introduced by our mutual friend JV. Though the farm is still in its infancy, his Geisha is full of Boquete terroir, that is soft, round, balanced yet vibrant. Nowadays, it's hard to get a classic Boquete Geisha but he's still producing some traditional stuffs with his progressively processed coffees that accentuate the Geisha characters well.


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