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Our farm family and friends

We are proud to be able to introduce our favorite farms, who we are lucky to be able to call our friends. Having meaningful relationships with our producers empowers us to make our coffee even better.

Mierisch Family

A long time partner, our friends from Nicaragua. We have been working with Fincas Mierisch since the very beginning of Apollon's Gold. They are well known for being very passionate about exploring the diversity of coffee cultivars, and have won many competitions with different cultivars. We are very proud to be able to offer their coffees here at Apollon's Gold.

Pepe Jijon

A passionate artisanal producer in Ecuador. He loves the terroir of Imbabura, alongside some terroir booster profiles. We got to know each other via social media in 2022 and started working together in early 2023. He was our very first direct trade coffee producer. His coffee speaks his passion and and his amazing work is shown in his cultivars.

Pepe's coffee

Oscar and Luis Monge

Our friends from Costa Rica, we have been working with Oscar and Luis since 2018. The brothers are renowned for their knowledge about soil, microbes, and microclimates, all of which affect the end product immensely. They're passionate about exploring new plots, which we love.

We're very grateful to them for providing us an exclusive lot from Pie San, one of our favorite coffees.

Jose Luiz Chevas

A young talent and passionate producer in Boquete, Panama. We met Jose through a mutual friend, and started working with him in 2023 for our anniversary. Although the Chevas Estate is still in its infancy, his coffees display soft, round, and vibrant terroir of Boquete very well. In recent years, it's been difficult to source classic Boquete geishas, so we're very lucky that Jose is producing both traditional and progressively modern coffees at such a high level.

Edgar Gutierrez

A master of processing and passionate producer, our friend Edgar in Cordillera, Panama. He is the owner of Corpachi farm and also works with Ponderosa farm as their manager of processing. We were first introduced to him by a mutual friend, and our very first trial of his coffee in early 2021 blew our minds. We knew we had to work with him, and began a partnership in 2022. He's become renowned for his incredible processing methods, and we love how passionate he is about coffee and cultivars, seen in the wide range of cultivars at his farm and the unbelievable coffee he produces.

Alietta Family

An ambitious and progressive family-run producer in West Valley, Costa Rica. They team up with institutes there to both continuously check on the quality of their coffees, but also to improve and evolve their coffee agriculturally and scientifically. We've been buying their ETH47 cultivar exclusively since 2021, and hopefully we will continue working with them for the foreseeable future.

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