We are so honored to have those great long term partners world wide. Let us introduce them.


Suited Image

Suited, New York City, USA

Suited is a progressive coffee shop with knowledgable, talented and passionate people. Offering great coffees by carefully curated roasters worldwide with most updated gears and knowledge, holding great coffee events for innovative gears and projects. We feel so privileged to see our coffees served at Suited. Enjoy their great coffees(hopefully ours) there with refined foods created by their talented kitchen team!

Bean Bank Coffee & Co. Zurich, Switzerland

Refined coffee shops with carefully curated coffees from international roasters, served by talented baristas. Beanbank has been hosting so many coffee celebrities/experts! We are beyond pleased to see that they are serving our coffees with best care and receive their feedbacks!


Native Coffee Company, Dallas, USA

Innovative and passionate coffee company/shop with their unique projects: finding the best roasters from all over the world. We are so honored that they tried and let us included in their rotation roasters as "one of the best coffee roasters" for them amongst hundreds of coffee roasters/samples. 

Day Glow CoffeeLos Angeles and Chicago, USA(Photo by @jujube_coffee on Instagram)

An award winning (#2 "Food and Wine" cafe category 2019) coffee shop with great coffees from the best roasters. We are beyond honored to be included in their project!

Tresllamas Cafe, Landshut, Germany 
A cute cafe in Landshut(near Munich), offering unique food menu and fancy sweets with great selection of coffees from German and international roasters!
Always happy to see our coffees severed at a cafe loved by so many local people!
Cafe O Paris

Cafe O Paris, Paris, France

Cute coffee stand inside a lovely flower shop "Green Wood Vertbois". Besides our filter coffees, tesane, espresso/milk beverages, teas and some confections are served there. *currently closed for next project in Paris.

Grandmum Cafe

GrandMUM Cafe, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A cosy semi open-air cafe in Tan Dinh Ward, offering retail and pour over from roasters world wide and their home roasted local Vietnamese coffees.

View of Another Coffee

Another Coffee, Shenzhen, China

A modern cafe near Nantou Ancient City Musium, ambitiously selecting coffees from roasters all over the world. By coincidence, we opened on totally same day(13. Aug 2017)!

flow coffee bar

Flow Specialty Coffee, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong(Feb. Jul. 2021)

Cosy place at Sham Shui Po, they curating best coffees from all over the world monthly and serving them with great service and delicious confectionary.

coffee mark

Coffee Mark, Wenzhou, China

A brand new coffee shop with cute Chinese traditional interior and great set up, offering delicious cakes and curated specialty coffees.

Online Services(distributors)

Shared Beans, Indonesia

Kopi BH, Bahrain

Cofield, Oman

Guiyuan Coffee Company, Shanxi, China

Coffee Dorby, Beijin, China

Ohamame, Brunei


It's always a great pleasure to be featured by amazing coffee people in the world. We are so proud to see our coffees are included in some of their seasonal selections. Here are some examples below. 

Specific Coffee, Turkey(Mar. May. 2021)

Suit Coffee and Sake, Hong Kong(Feb. 2021)

Stone Coffee HK(Feb. 2021)

Feelings Coffee(Dec. 2020 and Jun. 2021)

Saint Cecilia, Victoria, Canada(Sep. 2020)

Roastful, North Carolina, USA(Jan. 2021)

Stream Coffee, Cebu, Philippines(Aug, Sep, Nov 2020 and Aug 2021)

Jelly Fish Coffee, Calgary(Mar. 2021)