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Day Glow CoffeeLos Angeles and Chicago, USA

An award winning (#2 "Food and Wine" cafe category 2019) coffee shop with great coffees from the best roasters. We are beyond honored to be included in their project!

Coffee Crafters, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Renowned office coffee service in Amsterdam, dedicated to so many business and companies including F1 Grand Prix!
Head Space, Toronto, Canada
A brand new local cafe rotating international roasters and offering some wines!
Flow Specialty Coffee, Sham Shui Po, Hong Kong(Feb. Jul. 2021)

Cosy place at Sham Shui Po, they curating best coffees from all over the world monthly and serving them with great service and delicious confectionary.

Coffee Mark, Wenzhou, China

A brand new coffee shop with cute Chinese traditional interior and great set up, offering delicious cakes and curated specialty coffees.

Tresllamas Cafe, Landshut, Germany 
A cute cafe in Landshut(near Munich), offering unique food menu and fancy sweets with great selection of coffees from German and international roasters!
Always happy to see our coffees severed at a cafe loved by so many local people!
Cafe O Paris, Paris, France

Cute coffee stand inside a lovely flower shop "Green Wood Vertbois". Besides our filter coffees, tesane, espresso/milk beverages, teas and some confections are served there. *currently closed for next project in Paris.

Online Services(distributors)

Shared Beans, Indonesia

Guiyuan Coffee Company, Shanxi, China

Coffee Dorby, Beijin, China

Knife Toronto, Canada

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