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2024 iced pourover recipe

Alongside our 2024 pourover recipe, here is our iced recipe! A way to brew that doesn’t leave anything to be desired, and perfect for the summer heat.

This iced pourover recipe is entirely inspired by Lance Hedrick’s iced pourover recipe which he calls a flash brew. Funnily enough, in his video guide, he uses our coffee! Check that out here.
We absolutely agree with Lance that your typical iced pourover recipe isn’t very good, usually due to the non-adjusted brew ratio. We all just want a good pourover that’s cold instead of hot, which many recipes fail to deliver, over-diluting the end coffee and just delivering a coffee that fails to meet expectations.
We think that this recipe delivers a wonderfully tasty and refreshing brew, without being complicated or adding many extra steps. If you have ice and coffee, you can make good specialty iced coffee. We’ve tested this with all of our coffees, and we love it; this is how we serve iced pourovers at our brew bar in Tokyo. We’re certain this recipe will deliver a consistently delicious and refreshing iced brew.

First things first, if you’re brewing our coffees (or other very lightly roasted coffees), the most crucial step is degassing. Although we only sell coffees which we enjoy from the first or second day of cupping, our coffees typically require at least 35-45 days of rest before brewing. If possible, we recommend 60 days, as our coffees typically peak from then until the 90 day mark. Our omniroasting style leaves a lot more gas inside the coffee than other roast profiles, and those undesirable gassy notes will be very evident if not left to rest for a sufficient amount of time.

Our preferred tools

  • dripper - Origami Dripper Air S
  • filter - Kalita Wave 155
  • kettle - Fellow Stagg EKG
  • scale - Acaia Pearl
  • grinder - EK43, Timemore 078, Comandante C40 MK3, TImemore C3
  • other - Nucleus Paragon

Let's get into the recipe -

The recipe

  • 4-pour recipe (4 pours of 45g), 15g coffee, 180g water, 50g ice
  • 22% ice, 78% brewed coffee
  • ratio before ice - 1:12 (15g coffee, 180g water)
  • ratio after ice - 1:15.3 (15g coffee, 230g water after 50g ice melts)
  • grind setting - relatively fine (10~11 on EK43, 9~11 on Timemore 078, 24~27 clicks on Comandante C40 MK3)
  • brew temperature - 93°C (up to 97°C based on preference)
  • water - 100ppm (we use Aquacode, 1:6 ratio of Aquacode to distilled water)
  • target TDS: around 1.35-1.4

The pourover


  • Grind and prepare your 15g of coffee, trying to mitigate fines and chaff.
  • Prepare 50g of ice in separate carafe and set aside for later.
  • Rinse your filter well with hot water.

1st pour (the bloom)

  • Set everything on your scale, and tare. Start your timer, and begin pouring 45g of water into the dripper, starting from the center, moving to the outside, and then back towards the center to finish. This pour should be quick and aggressive. The goal here is just to sufficiently saturate the grounds, so give the dripper a few swirls to saturate as needed. Wait until your scale hits 0:30 to start the second pour.
    • 45~60s bloom depending on the gassiness 

 2nd, 3rd, and final pours

  • 2nd pour - starting from the center and circling towards the outside, quickly resaturate the coffee bed and raise the water level, then circle towards the center and finish in the center when the weight reaches 90g.
    • 3rd pour - Wait for the water level to almost reach the coffee bed, and right before the bed surfaces add another 45g of water, stopping at 135g on your scale. This pour should stay on the outside, quickly circling towards the center to finish with a center pour.

    • Final pour - Repeat the process of waiting for the water level to almost reach the coffee bed, and finish with a center pour of 45g, stopping once you reach 180g net weight. Swirl dripper and agitate the coffee bed once or twice at the end before drawdown.

    • Drawdown typically finishes for us between 2:30 and 3:00. 

    Finishing the brew

    • Pour your 180g of finished coffee over your 50g of ice in a separate carafe.

    • Start swirling, and swirl until ice is fully melted into the brew.

    • Pour into your cup or glass of choice, ice in the glass is not necessary as the coffee should be quite cold already, but if you want it colder, feel free (note that coffee will become more diluted, so drinking quicker is better).

      And finally, enjoy your refreshing and delicious iced coffee!

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