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Iced Pour Over Recipe(V60)


Though we do serve a typical "1:10" ratio iced over coffees in our cafe. It's actually hard for some home grade or hand grinder users to do it nicely since we have to grind a bit finer than the ideal setting on the grinder. We would recommend you this recipe with your usual grind setting for hot pour over.

Preparing for iced coffee


Brewer Model: V60 01 glass

Filter Model: Hario "Tabbed", Cafec T-90 (also known as "medium dark roast filter") or Abaca

Ratio: 18:240

Total Brewing Time: 3:00-4:00mins

Brew Temperature: 97℃

Grind setting: same as your hot pour over grind setting or slightly finer (21-24 on Comandante)

Water Hardness: 100ppm(1:6 on Aquacode)

Target TDS: 1.25-1.30


(1)Get your brew water ready(97°C) and grind the coffee. We recommend "rinsing" your grinder beforehand with 1-2g of same beans which you brew.

(2)Set your paper filter, then rinse the filter and pre-heat the brewer beforehand by pouring brew water in a circular motion.*Don't the use this pre-heated coffee server for your iced pour over coffee.

The vessels

(3)Put 60grams of ice cubes to a chilled coffee server. Add the grounds, then shake your V60 to make the bed flatten.


Start your timer then add 40grams bloom water to wet all the grounds within 10 sec. Grab the brewer and begin to swirl in a circular motion (spin the brewer). Wait and bloom for up to 45 seconds(i.e wait until 45seconds on your timer).

(5)1st pour

Resume pouring at 45seconds on your timer to hit 160grams on the scale and finish it at 1:10mins on your timer. Give it a swirl by doing the "Rao Spin."


(6)2nd pour

The water level to resume pouring

*The water level to resume pouring.

Resume pouring at 1:45mins on your timer to hit 240grams on the scale and finish it at 2mins on your timer. Give it a swirl by doing the "Rao Spin."

After finish pouring

Wait for the water to flow through and for the ice cubes to melt completely. 

(7)Pour the "warm coffee" into an air tight bottle. It's better to chill the bottle in a fridge beforehand. Let the bottled coffee chilled in your freezer(15-20mins at maximum) or fridge. For better storage, use a just enough size bottle 250ml to fill the bottle completely.

Bottled coffee

*CAUTION: Don't leave them in a freezer too long. If you freeze the coffee, you will risk the bottle broken.  

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