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Coffee cocktail base using an Aeropress


Inspired by Jonathan Gagne's 10mins Aeropress method, we found a very useful brewing method for coffee cocktail that allows us to achieve a pretty high TDS with ideal extraction yield. We have been secretly offering our special cocktail recipe for our business partners such as coffee producers to improve the entire coffee cocktail method. As we decided to abolish our real shop this year, seems like it's time for us to reveal the secret method (had been planning to serve some cocktails at our real shop originally).


Brewer model: Aeropress (with a Prismo attachment, using Aesir filter, you may also need a cocktail stirrer)

Ratio: 32g grounds: 200g water

Grind setting: 7O'clock on EK43

Bloom time: 1 min

Total brewing time: 10mins

Pressing time: 1min (from 9min on your timer)

Target TDS: 3.90-4.00

Brew temperature: 100Celcius(boiling)

Water hardness: 100ppm(1:6 ration with Aquacode)


(1)Bloom phase

Rinse your Aeropress filter. Pour 100g of brewing water first, then add the grounds and stir the slurry from the bottom to surface using a cocktail stirrer.

(2)2nd pour

Add 100g of brewing water at 1min on the timer, let it brew till 5mins on your timer.



At 5mins on your timer, stir the slurry from bottom to surface using a cocktail stirrer then let is brew till 9mins.



Start pressing the plunger at 9 mins on your timer, finish pressing phase around 10 mins on your timer.



Transfer the coffee concentrate to a metal vessel. Put some ice cubes and water to a champagne cooler then put the vessel on it. Let it chill and transfer the coffee concentrate in a bottle.


Once your coffee concentrate is chilled to around 10 celsius or colder, you can use the coffee concentrate for your coffee cocktail recipe. 

Here's some coffee cocktail recipes for example.

San Jose Pacamara Gin (build style)

We made this coffee cocktail for our special guest/our partner producer, Erwin "Wingo" Mierisch in October 2023; using one of their flag ship coffees, San Jose Yellow Pacamara. In this recipe, we used a juniper 100% gin (Eyguebelle gin) to let the coffee flavors work as "botanicals"(usually Gin is made of juniper and other botanicals).

Recipe: Simple syrup 5g, Gin (we would recommend you using a 100%juniper Gin) 10g, coffee brewing water 30g(room temperature), coffee concentrate 30g. Mix them in a vessel, then transfer it to a bottle, let them mix by leaving it 24 hours, make sure to fulfill the bottle to avoid oxidation.

Tamiru Tadesse Martini (shake)

A simple yet classic, Espresso Martini! We chose Tamiru Tadesse for flavor intensity, that would stand out in a vodka.

Recipe: vodka 30ml, simple syrup 15ml, coffee concentrate 30ml, ice cubes. Mix them all in a cocktail shaker then shake hard enough to crush the ice to create a foam on top of your martini glass.


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