About Shipping

*Fedex International Priority is available(exceptions below).

*ship by EMS to Indonesia, Spain, Thailand and Mainland China(to Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang, we ship by both FedEx or EMS).

*Ship every Friday(EMS every Sunday). Order cut-off time is 9p.m on Saturdays(U.S Pacific time).*In the new year season, the order cutoff is 30.December and the shipping day is 7.January. Order cutoff for 14.January shipping will be 11.Jan 9p.m(PST).

*Items cannot be shipped to Iran and Russia due to COVID19 outbreak.

*If the shipping address is located in "remote area", extra fee will be charged or we will recommend another address such as your working place to avoid it. In this case, your order will be completed with payment for extra fee. Also, orders can be cancelled if you would not like to pay the extra charge.

The shipping infomation details below

To North America and Mexico

U.S🇺🇸, Canada🇨🇦 and Mexico🇲🇽

Fedex International Priority (2000yen) is available. 

To Europe

-Euro Zone1(hubs)-

U.K🇬🇧, France🇫🇷, Italy🇮🇹, Germany🇩🇪, Nether Lands🇳🇱, Belgium🇧🇪 and San Marino🇸🇲

Fedex international Priority(1500yen) is available. 

-Euro Zone2(EU and Turkey)-

The rest of the Europe🇪🇺 and Turkey🇹🇷

Fedex International Priority(1500yen) is available. 

-Zone EMS-

Spain 🇪🇸 
Only EMS is available (2500yen).

To China

*Please make sure that the total price of the goods is under 1000CNY otherwise Chinese custom office sometimes doesn't accept the parcel

-Mainland China(except for Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang)🇨🇳

Fedex international Priority(1800yen) or EMS(1500yen) is available. 

-Mainland China(Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and Zhejiang)🇨🇳

Fedex international Priority(1300yen) or EMS(1500yen) is available.

*Currently unavailable to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi due to the lock down.

To Asia, Hongkong and Macau

-Asia Zone1(neighbors and hubs)-

Macao🇲🇴, Singapore🇸🇬, Taiwan🇹🇼 and Korea🇰🇷

Fedex international Priority(1800yen) is available. 


EMS(2000yen) is available to Thailand(3-5 business days).


EMS(2000yen) is available to Indonesia(7-8 business days).


FedEx international priority(1500yen) or EMS(2000yen) are available.


Fedex International Priority(3000yen) is available.

-Asia Zone2(the rest of Asia)-

Hong Kong🇭🇰, Philippines🇵🇭, Malaysia🇲🇾, ...etc

Fedex international Priority(1500yen) is available.

To Australia and New Zealand

Fedex international Priority(2500yen) is available to this area. 

To India

Fedex international Priority(1500yen) is available to this area. 

To Middle East

-Zone 1(Arabian Peninsula, Central Asia and Israel)-

U.A.E🇦🇪, Saudi Arabia🇸🇦, Qatar🇶🇦, Oman🇴🇲, Kuwait🇰🇼, Bahrain🇧🇭, Israel🇮🇱, Uzbekistan🇺🇿, Kazakhstan🇰🇿 and Azerbaidzhan🇦🇿: Fedex International Priority(1500yen) is available. 

-Zone 2(the rest of the Middle East)-

Fedex international Priority(2500yen) is available to this area.

To Africa, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Maldives

Fedex international Priority(2500yen) is available to African countries.

To Latin America

Fedex international Priority(2000yen) is available to Latin American countries.