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New Coffee Review: Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon El Salvador

New Coffee Review: Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon El Salvador

Let’s here it for the 1st place winning farm of the COE 2020!

Team La Divina Coffee Farm

Amongst their great coffees, we selected Orange Bourbon varietal lot for our first El Salvadorian coffee of 2020 season!!

The cherry of Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon


Though the process and cultivar is absolutely authentic(of course in a good way and we love authentic stuff), we are so excited for their unprecedented flavors.

Along with the climate of the harvest season with few light hours per day, this Orange Bourbon was dried very slowly at a low temperature condition.

Roberto Samuel Ulloa

Divina Providencia delights with delicious stewed rhubarb and perfumed with Alphonso mango.
As it cools, you'll see unprecedented "rainbow sherbet” notes with artificial vibes.

The looking of roasted orange bourbon

Those very unique flavors are perfectly balanced out with mellow citric acidity brought the cultivar, and then velvety mouth feel that reflects their careful processing, which will leads the way to candy like sweet finish.

This coffee is also delicious as espresso, both with/without sugar, this Orange Bourbon offers rich crema with medium/full body and nicely balanced acidity with sweetness.

Divina Providencia Orange Bourbon Espresso
 thick crema
Espresso brewing
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