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New Roast Profiles!

New Roast Profiles!

We've changed roasting profile/method for some coffees drastically(24. Dec. 2022), that only works quite well for certain origins; mainly for Central American coffees. With the new profiles, we successfully added more brightness in flavors to make them even more vibrant by pushing way more development.

We are applying the method to those coffees below.

Auromar Aurora Geisha: get more brightness and the lavender notes became more distinct.

El Injerto Patagonia Pacamara Guatemala: more sweetness with distinct orange notes and get perfumed notes of passion fruit

Los Pinos Honduras: quite vibrant throughout with beautiful honeydew finish

Sumava Costa Rica: became super smooth thick mouthfeel, lively yet delicate acidity and tons of milk caramel sweetness.

Check our “new profile” selection to try them out!

Also to our lovely clients and customers who have already purchased these origins, we recommend using higher temperature to brew these coffees to get more vibrancy, siphon/vacuum pot is ideal especially.


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