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Finally our Black Friday deal is here! 

*not available for domestic orders due to logistic issues.

Whole beans(100g per each)

Janson Green Tip Geisha "Los Alpes BOP"

We are beyond blessed to get this amazing washed Geisha from Janson, originally produced for BOP submission. It's so fortunate to get this gem without auction. 

Janson Geisha natural lot 608

This Geisha natural is almost like a very good washed Geisha, with insanely unique notes. Bursting with crisp notes of starfruit, expect tamarind, strawberry and jasmine.

Janson Green Tip Geisha lot489

A peach bomb from our favorite farm! This coffee is perhaps one of the most fruity coffee we tried. Unlike typical Panamanian Geisha notes such as jasmine and lemon, another aspect of geisha from Volcan is pleasantly represented.

Abu Geisha natural "GN-2"

The farm owner/our friend, Jose, is a rising star in Panama. We strongly recommend this Geisha for anaerobic process Geisha fans. Been waiting for more than a year, we are so happy to have his coffees here.

La Soledad Geisha Guatemala

The Guatemalan Geisha for 2021/2022 season is from Acatenango region. We would say the best Guatemalan Geisha is always from Acatenango though the best Pacamara from Huehuetenango.

Hartman Mi Finquita 1900 Caturra natural

Definitely the best Caturra from the most successful farm of current BOP. This plot is one of the highest one of the Finca Hartman. Basically this Caturra is only available for our wholesale clients. Don't miss the chance to get this beautiful Caturra.

Kotowa "Duncan" Caturra lactic natural

Remember the Duncan Caturra BOP traditional#2 last year? We bought this for our first ever lactic natural coffee this year. This Caturra delights with distinct notes of peach, with delicious strawberry and brandy like finish.