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MINAS GERAIS FLIGHT#1 -Free Shipping World Wide-

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Let's celebrate the harvest of Minas Gerais, the classic of Brazilian coffees!!

This season's harvests from Minas Gerais is nothing short of amazing! We selected very clean natural processed coffee.

Don't miss the chance to get our wholesale limited "Sitio da Torre"!

Limited quantity!!

Whole beans(100g per each) and free world wide shipping.

Sitio Triunfo Brazil COE #10

A well produced Catuai varietal lot from Brazil is always a classic for us and always a banger especially when it's a COE winning lot.

Daterra Masterpiece Guarani

Guarani is a selection of the Aramosa varietal performed in Daterra. The Aramosa is a cross between Coffea Arabica and Coffea Racemosa.

Daterra Masterpiece Acaua

Acaua is a crossing between the varietals Mundo Novo and Sarchimor. Besides being a vigorous and productive tree, this varietal usually makes coffees with distinctive yellow fruit tastes.

Carmo Estate Acaia

Carmo Estate produces amazingly clean coffee with  bright notes that represent its great terroir.

Sitio da Torre Yellow Bourbon

We fell in love with this farm in  COE 2019 with their 6th place winning Catuai lot. This year we purchased Yellow Bourbon lot for wholesale limited coffee.